Case Study: BOBCO

Challenge: BOBCO approached us to coordinate and manage marketing and advertising for its four locations in North Carolina, starting with Charlotte Tractor. We needed to leverage and work within the parameters of several manufacturers' co-op programs.

Action: We reviewed BOBCO's past advertisements and studied the strictures of the various co-op programs. We then developed and implemented a marketing plan with measurable tactics; it integrated targeted database marketing initiatives with new and renegotiated advertising opportunities. The marketing campaign emphasized new creative, a differentiating position, strong strategic imaging and various promotional opportunities.

Result: Charlotte Tractor experienced a 40% increase in business in our first year together. It increased its involvement with local non-profits, improved its in-house database and strategically distributed branded promotional items. The marketing campaign contributed to the compounding strength and maintenance of this long-established and trusted brand.



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Core Disciplines
Strategic Planning
Tactical Execution
Public Relations



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